Such a great end to 2016 as the last issue of Oxford Art Journal of the year rolls out with my photo on the cover. Discussion about this photo being featured in Cathrine Grant’s article started over a year ago, but it wasn’t until recently when the Oxford Art Journal chose it for the cover of December’s issue.

The photo is of Allyson Mitchell’s installation Killjoy’s Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House taken at the BFI Flare 2014. As Grant puts is: ”Alongside film footage of the haunted house in Toronto in October 2013, the installation at the BFI recreated some of the cheesy, faux-creepy imagery from the original, including a series of gravestones, marking the passing of various feminist and lesbian organisations and institutions.” Grant’s A Time of One’s Own is an in-depth article about feminist art – a must read for anyone interested in gender politics.

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